About the SuperBowl

The Word of Life Superbowl began as an all night bowling marathon.  In the early days they were called bowl-athons and then they graduated to SuperBowl.  Though bowling only remains a small part of what the SuperBowl is now (and non-existent in some locations)still, the name SuperBowl has come to be iconic of Word of Life's all-night, action-packed, Gospel-focused night. 

Currently, SuperBowls occur in 17 cities in the US and in other cities around the world.  Typically, they start off with a sports event such as an NBA basketball game or a hockey game.  Then, while other patrons leave, students and leaders attending the SuperBowl make their way down to the courtside (or iceside.... if that's even a word) seats.  There, a speaker will give a clear presentation of the Gospel and give the students a chance to respond.  Each year, thousands of students attend and hundreds respond to the invitation to accept Christ.  We have counselors standing by to spend a few minutes with each student talking about their new found faith.  Once the counseling is done, information is given back to the churches who brough the students so they can help the student begin the life long process of discipleship.

After the Gospel presentation, students participate in "on-the-court" games, crowd competitions, and Minute to Win It style challenges for the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes. After the rally, the rest of the night is spent eating Pizza, bowling, arcade hopping, or whatever particular venues your location offers.  It's an all night marathon of crazy fun you won't forget.

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"I believe it is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation for Christ" - Jack Wyrtzen